Glulam is durable and versatile material for demanding timber construction. It is used in a variety of applications in industry and agriculture to beautifully designed residences. It is popular in garages or stock frame constructions. Glulam is a strong and weatherproof building material.

Glulam is the best choice for industrial building.

Glulam is more fire resistant than a steel frame. It doesn’t bend in high temperature. Wood has lower thermal expansion than steel or concrete. It also has excellent electrical insulating qualities. The benefits will be noticed in the insurance premium.

The costs are often lower compared with other structure materials. Glulam is a cost-effective alternative for frame structure building. It is a nature produce and a such environmentally friendly. The construction waste of glulam is easy to recycle. Glulam beams are always manufactured from stress graded timber according to the standard EN 386.

The most commonly used wood in the beams is spruce, but also pine is used. The beams used for the frame structure are stress-rated and all-weatherproofed. Our products fulfill all requirements for safety in wood building.

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Our delivery time is short and flexible. We deliver standard sizes but can also meet demands for special dimensions. We manufacture all the beams and columns that the customer may desire. Look for more details in the dimension table page.

In today’s lifestyle the glulam is a very fashionable material for the decorating. It creates a feeling of space and air for the room. It is excellent and flexible for developing special solutions for the building and for decoration. Glulam beams can be left uncovered in the ceiling.



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