Laminated timber is durable and versatile material for demanding timber construction. It is used in a variety of applications in industry and agriculture to beautifully designed residences.


Maikaar greenhouses are designed to allow cultivation over the entire width.

Boat shelters and storages

The Glulam structure is a durable and ecological material for boat shelters and storages. The product is light, it does not damage the boat, and it is also very easy to assemble.

Small greenhouses

Building a greenhouse doesn’t need construction permission or a foundation. Greenhouses are delivered as pre-assembled as possible.

Read more about the technical data of our Glulam products:

Product certificate | Declaration of performance

Small greenhouses

Size options

3x4 m 12 m² 590 €
3x5 m 15 m² 630 €


Maikaar Ltd is a small-scale family business operating in Laitila. It has been in operation since the year 1987.
Our company produces greenhouses, laminated beams and pillars. Manufacturing of the garden greenhouses
was our main business in the first operation years. Since the size of the garden greenhouses would become larger, we started to develop increasingly wide-ranging constructions. Finally we concentrated just to the constructions of the greenhouses with larger square-areas. Because our deliveries became more extensive, also our production facilities have been enlarged.



    Takojantie 1, 23800 Laitila