Maikaar Ltd

Maikaar Ltd is a small-scale family business operating in Laitila. It has been in operation since the year 1987. Our company produces greenhouses, laminated beams and pillars. Manufacturing of the garden greenhouses was our main business in the first operation years. Since the size of the garden greenhouses would become larger, we started to develop increasingly wide-ranging constructions. Finally we concentrated just to the constructions of the greenhouses with larger square-areas. Because our deliveries became more extensive, also our production facilities have been enlarged. Today we have in our use one production bay and separate after-treatment rooms.

Our purpose is to supply to the client a total delivery from the beginning to the end or, if the client so desires, from the approval drawings for building permission up to the erection of the greenhouse. We will supply the greenhouses direct to the client by using our own means of transport. Thus we will ensure, that the transportation happens without damage and the delivery is at the destination in time, as agreed. Our main customers are market gardens and small- and large-scale farmers.

We expanded our know-how area and started the production of the load bearing laminated timber beams in the year 2002. Glue lamination is a well-known method to us, since the structure of our greenhouses is made up of gluelam beams. Because of the high demand the decision to start the manufacturing of the gluelam beams was easy to us. Our long-term experience in handling and gluing of timber is seen today in our production. We have invested to our company among other things by training of personnel, by purchasing new equipment for production line and by applying modern quality verification devices. As an indication of our activities we have entered in a cooperation and quality verification agreement with Finotrol Oy.

The competitive advances of our small-scale enterprise in the market are: personal relations to our clients, our flexibility, our quick supplies and our responsibility for the products manufactured by us.

Our motto is: satisfied customer



    Takojantie 1, 23800 Laitila